Cooking with Gas 0.11!

Hello everyone! This is the first update to my new project which released last week. I'd like to cover some goals and changes, as well as start a devlog series again.

Cooking with Gas is the continuation of a very rough project I teased 2 months ago (called "undercooked"). It now has proper models, sound, art, and SFX though all of them are still not final. On top of that it is way less restrictive in what the player can do which allows for a better "flow" (this includes allowing the player to make more mistakes, but that's a good thing!). All in all I'm very happy with the release and look forward to continue to add onto it.

This week I made the game a bit more bearable. On top of fixing an issue where you weren't able to properly process orders, I added more time to each dish (on average 13 seconds) so you should be able to actually complete a reasonable amount of orders now, as well as some other smaller stuff.

Here's my immediate to-do list for what's coming next, though nothing is guaranteed and I'm sure other work items will sneak in.

  • Menu creation, this will allow the player to choose what they wish to cook and serve. As I add more foods (and eventually drinks) this will serve as a core way the player influences what kind of place they want to run (a fast food joint with burgers and fries, some light, fun items for a brunch spot, a classy restaurant with more complex dishes, a chill cafe that serves baked goods and drinks, etc).
  • An ordering system to allow the player to restock on ingredients, buy appliances/furniture, and eventually recipes/decoration.
  • A backroom and inventory system, this way food and dish crates will be more manageable and contain a max number of items, of which the player will decide what goes where.
  • Redoing some UI, mostly to pretty it up but also to make the "interactive" UI more consistent and less intrusive.
  • Adding some more appliances, ingredients, and recipes. Namely a "mixing stand" which will allow for more baked goods as well as a few dishes involving cheese.

There are some other ideas I'm toying with in the back of my head, like how cleanliness would work and how I could make it fun, as well as how the front of house should be set up (namely, should the player be required to wait tables and get orders, or should that be automatic/something an NPC does). I'm always open to hearing what you the player would like to see next, or if you have any ideas on how stuff could work, so let me know!


Cooking with Gas 44 MB
Nov 13, 2020
Cooking with Gas 0.11 52 MB
Nov 13, 2020
Cooking with Gas 0.11 52 MB
Nov 13, 2020

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