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YOURcursedSHOP demo

Manage your shop, befriend your new neighbors, and adventure throughout the countryside! · By comfyfox


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Bugfix update!
Welcome back! What a crazy 3 weeks it has been. Since the last update I've moved (thankfully) and been working on 2 side jobs to help pay the bills so I apologi...
Mid June update, plus a trailer!
Hello aspiring Shopkeeps! We here at Comfy Fox have been busy bees this past weed. Let's get right to it, this week's update includes: An actual introduction cu...
Early June Update! And a quick talk
Hello all, it's that time again! Sorry if we've been a little quiet, lots of work has been happening in the background along with some not-so-great stuff which...
May Week 2 Update!
Another week, another update! Thank you to everyone who's been giving feedback, you can see some of your concerns addressed below as well as a few new items. Th...
Early May update!
It's been a hot minute but we're back with more good news and a new update. Changes include: A quickened Eloise, as she defaults to running and runs a bit faste...
Week 3 Release!
First I'd like to thank everyone for their patience, as I detailed in the last devlog last week wasn't a great one, but that doesn't mean a lot didn't get done!...
Week 3 Update
Due to a combination of the holidays and having the cold there will be no update today, instead there will be a bug fix release in a day or two and a content up...
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Another Week Another Update!
We're excited to release the 2nd update and hope you are too! Changes include: Town has been spruced up, with new models, camera work, and grass! The Forest are...
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