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Your (cursed) Shop demo

Manage your shop, befriend your new neighbors, and adventure throughout the countryside! · By comfyfox


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Another smol update
Some more quick changes I've managed to knock out while writing documentation and re-doing the game trailer. Added placeholder portraits to dialogues missing pr...
Smol March Update
What is up fellow shop keeps, today I'm releasing a small update and then I'll explain a bit about what I've been up to and what's coming next. Here are the cha...
February Update!
Another month, another update. Here we fixed some long-standing and annoying bugs as well as added a new level, mechanic, and other stuff! Check it out: Part of...
PAX Update
It's about that time again! And just in time for PAX South which I will be attending, exciting stuff. Here's what's new: New Highlight system, highlights object...
More Updates, RE: We Back!
What an exciting weeks it's been, I'd like to thank everyone who gave input, submitted bug reports, or simply played and enjoyed the game. This update is 100% Q...
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We Back!
Hello, we're still alive and kicking! After a very long hiatus in which I moved twice, started 2 new side jobs, and had a lot of other stuff happen, I'm finally...
Bugfix update!
Welcome back! What a crazy 3 weeks it has been. Since the last update I've moved (thankfully) and been working on 2 side jobs to help pay the bills so I apologi...
Mid June update, plus a trailer!
Hello aspiring Shopkeeps! We here at Comfy Fox have been busy bees this past weed. Let's get right to it, this week's update includes: An actual introduction cu...
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Thanks for the Linux version. Some comments. Please remove the warning dialog about experimental status at the start of...
started by movax Oct 10, 2020
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The game looks like its coming together nicely. But i have noticed some small details that could use some fixing. The ru...
started by halcome Jul 13, 2019
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Doing the shovel, rubble, key, chest quest, buying the key opened the chest (which was empty). Can't open any of the are...
started by KoS_Xanatos Nov 24, 2019
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Okay, this was such an amazing game!! I enjoyed everything and you had thought about small details, like how the houses...
started by The GDWC Jul 09, 2019
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