February Update!

Another month, another update. Here we fixed some long-standing and annoying bugs as well as added a new level, mechanic, and other stuff! Check it out:

  • Part of the introductory quest now lets you name your shop!
  • New mechanic: Shop Reputation
    • Changes upon successfully (or unsuccessfully) completing a transaction in your shop. Things like selling an item (especially if the customer is happy with the price) makes it go up, failing to sell an item via the customer's patience running out makes it go down; you can avoid a big hit to reputation by dismissing the customer if you don't think you'll make the sell (dismissing slightly lowers your rep, but not near as much as failing to sell).
    • Good shop rep can increase foot traffic and prices the customers are willing to pay for, bad shop rep can do the opposite.
    • Check your shop rep at the town notice board.
  • New town feature: The Notice Board
    • Displays your shop's name and reputation.
    • Shows other shop and building open/close times as your discover them.
  • New (kind of) area: The Forest!
    • Redone and up to snuff with the rest of the game, explore the forest again and reap its bountiful harvest.
    • Redesign includes new graphics and models, a new quest, and another form of crafting (alchemy)!
  • Added end-of-day music to help break up the days.
  • Added an ambiance channel that controls ambiance sound effects (fire, river flowing, wind, etc).
  • Improved player interactions:
    • Fixed an issue where you could spam the "use" action to obtain multiple of an item, go through a door more than once, shake a tree multiple times concurrently, etc.
    • Also fixed an oversight where some conditional interactions would play their "use" sound when they could not be used (eg the "door open" sound would play even if the door was locked at the time).
  • Lots of other small patches and fixes not worth mentioning.

In the next few weeks I'll be working on improving the buying and selling system with some new features, putting in new ways to sell items (specialty orders), updating some aspects of the UI, and more. Check out the trello for more details as well as an easy way to see me check off tasks as I complete them. Special thanks to my good friend Chris who did some QA for me last night (and found some stuff I missed). You're the best!

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