Mid June update, plus a trailer!

Hello aspiring Shopkeeps! We here at Comfy Fox have been busy bees this past weed. Let's get right to it, this week's update includes:

  • An actual introduction cutscene! Wonder no more how Eloise got cursed or what Shawn's motivations are!
  • Slightly updated and re-enabled item and notification graphic.
  • Added 2 new sides quests, plus shop upgrades!
    • To start the new side quests, try to visit the quarry behind your house or ask the Joe (the smith) about blacksmithing.
    • To upgrade your shop visit the Carpenter who lives by the river in town.
  • Improved the shop-keeping experience!
    • Embiggened the +/- price modifiers per customer, mood, and shop upgrade. They were always there but didn't have as much an impact as they do now. You should notice a wider range in sell prices is now available.
    • Customers no longer play red light green light when someone else starts to barter. 
    • Customers now each have a range of moods they can take part in, instead of being in one mood permanently.
    • Customers no longer pop into existence, and then right out, if all of their wanted items are currently busy.
  • Added proper mining back into the game. See the new side quest.
  • Filled in some missing sound effects.
  • Fixed some minor camera angle bugs.

This week also marks the release of 3 important bits of related material:

  • A fancy shmancy YouTube trailer! Both good for those who want to know more about the game without investing a large amount of their time, and for those who want to show off what crazy game they've been playing and want more of. 
  • A reasonable Patreon (still under review, soon to be up)! We here at Comfy Fox aren't promising the world, just a fun game, and we feel like we've been transparent in our process and updates. As of late though the main developer has had to focus more and more on side jobs to keep the game a-going, so if you want to see more of this game, and more of it at a faster rate, please consider donating. 
  • Sunday (tomorrow as of this post) at 1pm CT a friend of ours will be streaming the game on twitch. Not only that, but the main dev will be in the chat to answer any questions! How exciting.

That about covers it for this week! Until next time!

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