May Week 2 Update!

Another week, another update! Thank you to everyone who's been giving feedback, you can see some of your concerns addressed below as well as a few new items. The game itself is really starting to fill out and feel like a proper demo, and I can't thank everyone enough for the comments, inspiration, and good vibes. Here's what's new with this week's update:

  • Fixed many typos and misspellings
  • Cleaned up the crafting menu as well as added a short tutorial. It should be easier to use, understand, and look at now.
  • Fixed an issue where placing items in your shop was harder than it should have been.
  • Updated the Linux and Mac versions to fix a few OS-related issues. They should run just as well as the Windows version now, aside from the fact that they're still missing grass (see below).
  • Added the Blacksmith's portrait, as well as a few lines of dialogue to various NPCs.
  • Added a new side quest which involves the mysterious burned out house and basement.
  • A few quality of life additions, such as a small tutorial on usable items, being able to sell multiple apples to the Veggie Mom, and clarifying  some dialogue.

Surprisingly, the Mac and Linux versions of the game made up about 1/3rd of the downloads, which exceeded my expectations and has convinced me to continue their support. The only major difference between the 3 versions now should be the inclusion of grass (see here), which uses DX11 and is only on the Windows build. It's because of this that the grass is disabled in Mac and Linux, though I've begun looking at different solutions to achieve the same effect in order to bring such an important feature to Mac and Linux.

As always, my door is always open to comments, questions, or critique. Drop at line at the discord, or shoot me an email ( Catch y'all again soon!


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