Another smol update

Some more quick changes I've managed to knock out while writing documentation and re-doing the game trailer.

  • Added placeholder portraits to dialogues missing proper character art.
  • Added a slider for the level of highlight intensity (the pink glow when you mouse over or get near objects).
  • Redid some font colors to make them easier to read.
  • Fixed shop customers to 1) not move while someone else is talking and 2) to stay put while you get your stream of coins before moving again.
  • It's now easier to skip (and know you can skip) the intro cut scene.
  • Fixed the player getting stuck when interacting with tables.
  • Fixed your coin counter resetting to an earlier amount before counting up or down when buying or selling items.
  • Fixed an issue where a certain tree would flicker, like a lot.
  • Fixed a certain camera pan that allowed the player to see too much.

Until next time!

Edit: Fixed a few more things tonight (3/15) for 0.37, have fun y'all.

  • The highlight intensity slider is now more robust.
  • Improved performance in the "Forest" level.
  • Added back the wind to the "Forest" level.
  • Fixed some sequence-breaking bugs.

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