Bugfix update!

Welcome back! What a crazy 3 weeks it has been. Since the last update I've moved (thankfully) and been working on 2 side jobs to help pay the bills so I apologize for the lack of attention the game has been getting. I'm still around though, and have big plans for the near future! This update is mostly bug fixes to help the game feel even better:

  • Fixed a graphical bug that sometimes displayed a white box instead of a character portrait (or no portrait)
  • Fixed some colliders, item placement, quest conditions
  • Smoothed out a number of camera angle changes
  • Fixed a long-standing bug with item icons not keeping the proper size and/or ratio
  • Fixed the gold amount not updating in your journal under some conditions
  • Fixed a consumable item cooldown bug that prevented you from using items once changing maps
  • The Forest map should have the correct UI elements that were missing beforehand (item/inventory notices, updated tooltips)
  • Many many typos have been corrected

All in all nothing too exciting but still a step in the right direction. I've also been too busy to even start to update the patreon page I had up so I took it down for now; if you still feel like donating there's now an option when downloading the game (though it isn't required at all). 

Barring any crazy bugs found this weekend the plan is too post some new teasers this upcoming week for a larger content-filled update sometime around the 20th, so keep your eyes peeled!

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