Smol March Update

What is up fellow shop keeps, today I'm releasing a small update and then I'll explain a bit about what I've been up to and what's coming next. Here are the changes:

  • Added a save and load feature. Manually save whenever from your notebook (Esc), the game will also auto save between days and when you switch levels. Load from the main menu. It's that simple! There's only 1 save slot for now, but I feel like that covers most people.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would sometimes be temporarily stuck when going from the Forest to the Town.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes picking up items would make you stuck (even though pressing T would remedy the situation).
  • Added an "out of bounds" check, now if you somehow walk or load off the level your character will automatically place themselves in a safe, non-void, place. I feel pretty confident neither are possible, but it's always good to play it on the safe side.

For the past week I've been researching, documenting, and otherwise preparing for my venture into pitching the game to people. Luckily I was smart enough to do a lot of the ground work while I was making the game but there's still tons to be done between the game design doc, pitch sheet, pitch deck, and new youtube trailer. I'll hopefully be finishing up in the next few days, I just wanted to let y'all know why this update is super light.

Once that's done I have some work to finish for a side job, but beyond that I'm super excited to get back at the game and push in some new content! Until next time

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