PAX Update

It's about that time again! And just in time for PAX South which I will be attending, exciting stuff. Here's what's new:

  • New Highlight system, highlights objects and items you can interact with 1) when you're in "use" range and 2) when you mouse over it. This is to further help players explore the world and get the most out of the game. Let me know how it feels!
  • New grass! And this grass is available to Windows, Linux, and Mac players! Have fun running around the fields of grass.
  • Improved the pickup system, there's no longer a bit of a delay when picking up multiple objects.
  • Fixed an issue where you sometimes wouldn't be able to pick up coin pouches.
  • Hotfixed the smith crafting quest, you'll have the smelt ore recipe by default and it will allow you to more easily complete the chain quest.
  • Added some barriers to Zydell's abode, now you'll no longer accidentally walk off the edge.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the smith wouldn't restock items, get new items in stock, or give you the correct item on purchase.
  • Brought the camera out a bit more so you can better see the world

I also wrote up everything that's been accomplished, is being worked on, and what's up and coming on a trello board you can check out here. I'm using it as both a road map of sorts, that way you all can see what I'm working on and what's coming out next, as well as a way to interact with the community. Feel free to ask questions on particular cards or express your excitement for upcoming content.

Edit: smol update currently being uploaded (0.31a) that fixes a few visual bugs and camera positions

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