Early June Update! And a quick talk

Hello all, it's that time again! Sorry if we've been a little quiet, lots of work has been happening in the background along with some not-so-great stuff which we'll get to later. This update includes the following improvements and changes:

  • Improved player animations and run speed. Eloise should seem less janky and sluggish now, and more fun to control.
  • Moved back the camera. Lots of players complained about feeling almost claustrophobic with how close the camera was, so we fixed that. You should also feel like it's easier to navigate the maps now as you can see more.
  • Town redesigned (again)! Now it feels more like a small town, with a town square in the center and some houses around it. 
  • Better world interaction! Now when you're in range of using an interactable object (door, item, sign, whatever else) there will be a helpful UI element that pops up on the bottom left of the screen. No more guessing when you're in range or if you can or can't interact with something. 
  • On top of the helpful UI element, you can now also use the left mouse click to interact with everything! Yay for accessibility options!
  • Inventory was rebound to Tab (from I) so that you can access all menu options without moving your left hand. The hide/show the controls tooltip is now bound to `/~.
  • Added more sound effects to the game to make it feel more alive.
  • Added the "shake tree" option to all trees. Have fun!
  • Improved the coin throw -> get money visuals.
  • Improved the 2 consumables in the game. When using the coin pouch it should be obvious that you're getting gold, and interesting rubble is guaranteed to give you an item the first time you use it.
  • Decreased transparency on the equip item tooltip for easier reading.
  • Moved lots of triggers and boundaries around to make the game flow and play better.
  • Temporarily increased the number of patrons to show up in your shop to better stress test the mechanics.
  • Fixed a bug where shaking a tree got you stuck until you tried shaking it again.
  • Fixed some shadows, item descriptions, item categories, crafting window issues, improperly locked chests, character portraits, and some dialogue text hiccups.

Huzzah! On top of that, we've been talking to some people to help increase visibility of the game. That doesn't mean anything to you, but it's exciting for us! 

Now onto the lame stuff. Truth is that this game has been a labor of love the past few months and has been taking up the majority of my work time to do. I wouldn't have it any other way or trade the experience for the world. But unfortunately money is starting to run low, so the past few weeks I've been picking up side jobs to help make ends meet. I'm lucky enough that work isn't super hard to find, but that also means less time is being left to work on the game, and believe you me when I said I'd rather be working on the game. To that end, until something gives, I won't be updating the game as often as I was (which should be obvious by how long this update took compared to others). 

If you'd like to help me out there will be a patreon page soon (it's under review). The second best thing that would help is if you shared this game with your friends or anyone who would be interested. Either way, I'd like to thank you for being on this journey with me. This isn't a final update, or any sort of cancellation of the game; I fully intend to keep working on this game, it just won't be as fast paced as before. With any luck the people I'm talking to to help with visibility will pay off and funding won't rely completely on me or on the generous people at patreon.

As always, feel free to drop by the discord, or send me an email, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns. Ciao for now, and see you in another 1 - 3 weeks!

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love the new updates, keep it up!