More Updates, RE: We Back!

What an exciting weeks it's been, I'd like to thank everyone who gave input, submitted bug reports, or simply played and enjoyed the game. This update is 100% QoL and bug fixes, unfortunately re-designing the forest with the new loot and time system is taking longer than expected so that'll have to wait for next week's update. Besides that, let's look at the change log!

  • Added a "skip intro" functionality that'll skip the first 2 "cutscenes" as well as the dialogue in the middle. Press and hold Esc to skip, or press any key besides Space or the left mouse button to bring up the "skip hint".
  • Day-to-day saving is fixed! You should now retain all items in your shop and inventory, plus all your gold, 100% of the time.
    • This also fixed the blacksmith restocking and potentially getting new items at the start of every day.
  • Made it so that you can actually interact with your bed (after 8pm) to go to sleep, no longer will you have to pass out in order to go to the next day.
    • Also removed a broken "Portrait" involved with the bed. There should no longer be a creeper around when trying to sleep.
    • Not going to bed before 11pm and passing out now incurs a penalty of waking up 2 hours later than you normally would.
  • Fixed the transition to/from the basement
  • Fixed trying to open the shop too early or too late and getting yourself stuck.
  • Fixed the "glitterbomb" conversation from happening at the start of every day.
  • Widened the intro cutscene text to prevent overflow/text wrapping on smaller resolutions
  • Delayed the shop intro conversation ("Here's the place") to better flow with the fade in.
  • Recalibrated the "conversation blur" to look and transition better.
  • Removed the conversation blur from the first 2 conversations as they directly reference things in the scene, which you should be able to see as they're talked about.
  • The Guildhouse opens earlier, and the Smith now has consistent closing times.
  • You should no longer have the lavender silhouette when opening the shop.
  • Fixed the shovel -> basement -> chest questline.
  • Removed the cooldown from bags of coins
  • Fixed an issue where crafting recipes weren't being learned.
  • Added a conversation to the Blacksmith that explains how you buy items from him now.
  • Dropping an item (dragging it outside the inventory menu UI) now destroys the item instead of dropping it on the ground and looking weird. Changed the confirmation dialogue to reflect the drop -> destroy change.
  • The coin counter should now sound a bit better.

Plus a few more minute changes that aren't worth mentioning. There were some people that tried playing on Windows 7 that couldn't, and my investigations say it's probably because some parts of the Windows version of the game use DirectX12 which Win 7 doesn't really support well. Luckily I'm not married to the parts of the game that need DirectX12 (it's just the grass), and am looking for a replacement, so Windows 7 should be supported again sometime in the near future.

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