End of Week 1, and new test version!

It's now been a week since I publicly released Your(cursed)Shop and what a ride! The page has seen over 1000 views and the game has been downloaded almost 300 times; those numbers might seem small to you but they mean the world to me. Really, I want to thank everyone who's tried out the game, and especially those who offer up reviews and suggestions or report bugs. It makes me tear up that so many people took the time to try out my game (and hopefully liked it).

This week was more of a planning week, I did taxes, met with a financial planner,  upgraded Unity to include some new stuff, and prototyped some things. Despite that I still found time to code and design, so here's the changelist for this week's version:

  • Redid the town! It might be comparatively empty but I feel like it leaves the demo plenty of room to grow without being boring.
  • Added more camera movement, hopefully it plays well but be sure to let me know what you think!
  • Started to add grass to the game. It still doesn't behave 100% how I want it to but it's getting there.
  • Added UI controls for the SFX/music
  • Various bug fixes (typos, missing SFX, idle animations, releasing the player after bartering)

Next week I'll be adding more to the town, finally add the forest to the game (pinky swear), put in new dialogue and quests, and more! As always, be sure to check out twitter for more minute updates, and discord to help shape the game. Cheers!

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