Another Week Another Update!

We're excited to release the 2nd update and hope you are too! Changes include:

  • Town has been spruced up, with new models, camera work, and grass!
  • The Forest area is released! Head west out of town to get to it. There isn't much to do but explore at this point, but it is very pretty!
  • In order to get another area (the forest) to work properly, a save system is now built into the game. There is no manual saving (yet), and vendors may offer items previously sold (it's being looked at), but otherwise you should notice items remain persistent across areas!
  • Bug fixes which include being able to leave your house early, weird pickup animation glitches, being able to open UI while in a conversation, and more are fixed!

Let us now how you feel about the update and what you're excited to see next on our discord. We've also picked up a new writer, and our artist has just graduated and found lots of free time, so expect more and more content to be coming out over the next few weeks. Until then!

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