Week 3 Release!

First I'd like to thank everyone for their patience, as I detailed in the last devlog last week wasn't a great one, but that doesn't mean a lot didn't get done! This release is mostly bug fixes and polish, and with those out of the way new content can be ushered in. Bug fixes and improvements include:

  • Fixed the invisible shoppers and coin bug, you are able to play Shop Keep properly again!
  • Items placed in your shop will now be saved/loaded when exiting/entering the area.
  • Speaking of saving/loading, each time the game is opened all data will be reset (until I put manual saving in). No longer will you start with certain objectives already done and past items in your inventory/equipment.
  • Better camera work on start, when enter/exiting houses, and on level changes.
  • Various sound bugs squashed.
  • Redid building shrinking, it should be more responsive now.
  • Fixing some environmental barriers and signs.
  • Added flare to some windows (help tooltip, vendor, loot).
  • Fixed some special FX particles
  • Items that gently sway on the ground (flowers, mushrooms) no longer continue to sway when placed down in your shop.
  • No longer able to open UI while talking or running the shop.
  • Fixed a soft-lock that happened when opening UI while already looting something.
  • Various other small things you won't notice or care about.

Known bugs that are still being worked on:

  • Entering the forest area will keep your music volume at whatever level it was in town and can't be changed. SFX volume changes still work in the forest. Music and SFX volume changes work as intended in town.
  • Vendors in town don't permanently remove items when sold, so exiting/entering town refills their stock.
  • No name is displayed in the dialogue panel when the player is making a choice. This doesn't impact gameplay as much as the previous 2 bugs but it annoys me.
  • Grass refuses to sway, meaning the player simply isn't powerful enough to push down grass as they walk through it yet (or I have some debugging with DX11 to do) Edit: smol update, I figured out this bug early in the morning (after the upload was complete but before noon) and have decided to re-release this week's update to include bending grass. Enjoy!

Until next week!

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