Early May update!

It's been a hot minute but we're back with more good news and a new update. Changes include:

  • A quickened Eloise, as she defaults to running and runs a bit faster.
  • A fancy splash screen and intro.
  • Some new townsfolk and small areas, as well as moving an already existing townsfolk to a more appropriate place.
  • New dialogue, including new helpful tips and explaining game mechanics.
  • Overall a cleaner/clearer game experience..
  • What character portraits I have to go with dialogue!
  • Visual upgrades when shop keeping.
  • Fixed a bug where the volume sliders didn't work in the forest.
  • Chests and lootable objects now work all of the time instead of some of the time.
  • A dozen other small bugs squashed, typo fixed, and visuals tweaked.

This update also comes with experimental linux and mac versions. They *should* work the same as the stable Windows one, but as I have no easy way of testing such I kindly ask anyone with linux or mac to let me know if/when a bug or issue exists and where.

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